Now Offering Barre Classes!

Cycle Spot is a high-energy boutique workout studio that includes indoor beat-based cycling and Barre for all fitness levels. We mix up the normal routine with energizing and targeted full body workouts. Get ready to transform your body!

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The Cycle Spot, Mukilteo‚Äôs newest fitness addiction, has become a place for fitness of all levels to come and get a unique and high-energy workout. Our signature rides and Barre classes combine calorie burning endurance intervals with strength building for a total body workout. From sprinting and climbing to weights and crunches, these energizing classes are tailored to all fitness and experience levels. We are the perfect mix of work hard, play hard. The Cycle Spot will inspire, motivate, and prepare you to face your day head on. The endorphin high and upbeat music will keep you coming back for more! 

What's Happening?

Check out what's going on this month at the studio!

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Instructor Spotlight: Mackenzie Dingman

Mackenzie is the Cycle Spot owner and fitness guru! A Mukilteo native, she has been dancing since she was a young child. Her passion for ballet combined with fitness makes her a strong leader and instructor for the Barre classes. Get ready to burn a lot of calories! Mackenzie enjoys spending time with her husband and two young boys and teaching her challenging cycle classes!

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